Sunday, 17 August 2008

Bubbleboxx: Films and Festivals

Bubbleboxx here! Yes I know, I’ve finally got on to this site and posted a blog. I have to say a massive sorry to Jazza, Barry and NSG for being so late.

Anyway first off I’m really enjoying reading this blog (yes I have been checking the site even though I’ve not contributed to it).

Righty, after a lovely week of everyone stressing about results and university etc I decided to think up some things that would help distract myself and YOU, so here are my top yummy fondant fancies of pop culture this week:


I’ve heard so much about the new batman film “The Dark Knight” and I know that I’ve GOT to see it. However I am a little scared because I’ve heard there are some rather gruesome bits in it and I don’t want to be having nightmares for a week. Anyhow the sequel to Batman Begins starring the late Heath Ledger, Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhall is a must this summer while it’s in the cinemas!

Taking advantage of the summer

There are so many festivals on at the moment that you just have to go to one this month. Unfortunately all of the tickets to the big festivals will have probably sold out but there are still many little ones happening over the next few weeks. The Times do reviews on a tonne of festivals and also have an August guide of what’s coming up

There’s also another very handy site that shows all of the up and coming festivals and club events for under 18’s. Typical how I found this site after I’ve turned 18…tsk

For the star wars fans

Okay, well I’ve never really been a star wars fan but for anyone who is, “The clone wars” was released in cinemas on Friday. Anyway heres a trailer for the film:

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