Saturday, 9 August 2008

Brain(Beat)Boxx : Jay Brannan

Yes, yes, yes people it’s your boy... Jazza!

Okay, I know music is NSG’s thing, but I needed to talk about this guy who I have grown uncomfortably obsessed with and who seems to be growing in popularity in the YouTube community (which, honestly, is how I got into him) having been mentioned on both 5awesomegays and fiveawesomeMWs. This phenomenon is the hugely talented Jay Brannan.

A New York based, folk, singer song writer; his self made album, Goddamned reaches for a plethora of topics; from religion, to falling in love, to his desire to settle down with someone. Being a young gay man in the modern world could also be seen as a major influence in his work, but to label him as a ‘gay’ artist would be incorrect and unfair. He talks about his reality which simply happens to encompass this one aspect. Case in point; Housewife could easily have been marketed as a novelty record, a gay man talking about how he wants to take on this stereotypically feminine role. But this particular track is just a beautiful testament to love and life, using Brannan’s angelic voice backed simply by an acoustic guitar, to portray a young man’s aching desire to find that one person to spend the rest of his life with.

Jay Brannan’s album is available from iTunes and his website. He is also playing various dates in some of the big UK cities this August (check his myspace below). Unfortunately, I am in Barcelona, so pop along, have a great night and let him know I sent you.
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