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Techboxx: Soul Calibur IV Review (Playstation 3)

Hey everyone its Techboxx before I begin the review I would like to welcome Laura (Bubbleboxx) onto the blog and she made her first entry which was so awesome and that I need to step up with my blog entries, which I like to do. OK I promised to do this for a while and now I have finally gotten around to the Soul Calibur IV review for the Playstation 3.

I have asked Blunty3000 (who I mentioned in my last blog entry looking at database) for advice on how to review computer games. Blunty gave me some excellent pointers so I will be using them in this review. I also used his review of the same game to help me out.

Here's Bluntys review of Soul Calibur IV



The concept of the game well its like any other beat em’ up that we all love to play. The objective is to beat up all the other characters to bloody pulp to get your characters hearts and desires which I think it is really cool. They also include ring outs which I ain’t a fan because like Blunty’s review which I will put at the end I rather beat my opponent to a bloody pump so then there is only one left standing.

There are two things that is really special about this fourth edition within the series 1) You can play online with others for the very first time and 2) You can play a star wars character either Yoda (Xbox 360) or Darth Vader (Playstation 3)


I like how the game plays as although it has linear storyline that isn’t interactive where you can take the story but I love the characters are so unique that they have their line before a battle starts I like they have some very humorous lines that made me chuckle.


The look of the game is very smooth and looks so similar to Metal Gear Solid 4 (Which I consider Metal Gear – Game Of The Year so far) the graphics are smooth and so real to life, its like God had come to me in a dream and slapped me to tell me that games can go a lot further. I'm really glad that game graphics have got better and better but in most of these games the game play isn’t top quality but with this game it is top quality. It is very polished game that matches the standard I have come to expect with todays games.


The sounds of the game play are very realistic, it comes out crystal clear. The Lightsaber sounds in the game are like the ones that were used in the Star War films. The character that is going to be used in the future upcoming game Star Wars – The Force Unleashed is really cool reminds of the dark lord of the sith Vader.


The controls are very difficult and very challenging for me as I think this is a brilliant thing as there aren’t a lot of games that offer a challenge nowadays which makes me sad. The game offers many different moves and combos that take to time to find, which is an excellent thing to have in any beat em up.


I think this game is really fun to play, the first character I chose to pick I will admit was Darth Vader. I could play on this game for hours and never stop playing I kept on going and going with the arcade mode to beat the bosses, so this game offers a real challenge and is up there with Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid 4 as game of the year.

4.5 out of 5 in my opinion.

Finally this is the next game I will hopefully review and it is called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Here's a trailer to the game The Force Unleashed

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