Sunday, 27 July 2008

BrainBoxx: GLASGOW VS Gordon

Let’s be honest, Glasgow East has never really attracted headline news. It is a run-down and neglected part of the Scottish city with high unemployment, crime and violence, as well as being famous for having a lower life expectancy than the Gaza strip (53 y/o).

Despite these setbacks Glasgow East has been a solid Labour seat for the past 30 years, however in the bi election on Thursday there is mounting concern that this poverty stricken part of Britain might just be fed up with the lack of change in the past three decades that the people there are considering kicking labour in the proverbial balls and chucking them out of office.
This comes after Labours crushing defeat just a couple of months back in the local elections across the country, but this bi election is making headlines purely because these are the loyal Labour supporters that are saying; ‘Enough is enough’ and that they want the current Labour government out. There are even whispers that good, old Gordon will be forced to resign if the ‘safe’ seat is lost tomorrow.
Where the rival Scottish National Party are looking for a landslide win, Labour seem that they will be happy as long as they don’t lose, which to me shows that ‘New’ Labour will be doing their best to put on a happy face. Although many will be celebrating this call for that over used word, ‘change’, I must say I do feel sorry for Gordon, it does feel like we are kicking a wounded dog while it’s down.
And who said politics isn’t interesting?!

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