Sunday, 27 July 2008

BrainBoxx - I am a Golden Child!

Well well well, here we are then, first impressions and all that, let’s hope mine is okay int.
My name is Jazza, I go by the name of rhymingwithoranges on various places around the interweb and I like to start discussions, share opinions as well as occasionally make a fool of myself.

Right, I guess it falls to me to explain the set up and push of this project. We are TheBoxxCollective (the two x’s make us cool) made up of four people who all consider ourselves as vaguely knowledgeable vis-à-vis our respective topic areas. MyBoxx is split into four sections:
  • BeatBoxx, which is music based and is basically another way for NSG to whore himself again.
  • TechBoxx, run by the amazing Barry Aldridge who is going to focus on games and technology news.
  • BubbleBoxx, our commentary on popular culture such as TV, film and what the hell the youth of today are doing with themselves which will be run by Laura (Laurbubble) well... as soon as she gets back from holiday at least, and finally there is.
  • BrainBoxx which I have been placed in charge of and will focus on all the boring things in life like politics and a running commentary of the main stream media.
In terms of what I will be doing some things I will probably be concentrating on in the next few weeks will be the US election, looking beyond the sport in Beijing 2008 and hopefully following the demise of your friend and mine, Gordon Brown. If I think it will effect or interest you then I will do my best to act as a media filter for you.
In the mean time enjoy what the rest of our little rabble has to offer.

Keep Safe
Jaz, RWO

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