Tuesday, 29 July 2008

BrainBoxx Gordon's Gumption

Now, I know on my YouTube channel I said I would lay off the lovely Gordon for at least a while, but this isn’t rhymingwithoranges. So, ha! I have found a loophole!

As I (and the rest of the world) predicted, Labour lost the ‘safe’ seat in the Glasgow East by-election to the Scottish National Party, and again, as predicted, party member and people of the public across the country are calling for Gordon’s resignation as PM. Bless the poor guy, he’s on holiday as well!

Now I have made my views of Gordon very clear in the past, both on here and on rhyming, but I will say one thing in his defence. His knowledge in terms of economics is unparalleled in the British political scene at the moment, and if anyone has the capability to drag us, kicking and screaming, out from this rut of an economic ‘crisis’ with minimal damage, it’s him. Yes, he doesn’t have the charisma or gumption (god I love that word) to lead the country, but to be honest, name me an MP who you would hand the reins to at the moment, I certainly can’t think of one.

Keep Safe

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