Sunday, 27 July 2008

TechBoxx Previews Soulcalibur IV

Welcome to Techboxx’s world. This blog is focused on a game called Soul Calibur IV.
  • Now this series has been hugely praised for being beat em up game that is totally different to Tekken and Virtua Fighter.

  • The visuals of the game look so stunning, as games graphics are getting better

  • It is produced by Namco who have produced the previous games, so I can expect a lot of greatest within the fourth in the series. It comes out in North America on the 29th of July while in the UK it comes out on the 1st Of August.

  • Now one of the great things I like there are bonus characters that appear on different formats. If you get it on the Xbox 360 your bonus character would be Yoda, while the Playstation 3 you get Darth Vader. The Bonus characters would be able to force abilities.

  • The biggest thing with this game is that for the very first time you are able play online in the whole Soulcalibur series which is excellent news in my opinion. I will be able to review this game once it comes out and I will be buying the Playstation 3 version, so I’m going over to the dark side.

Here is a video I did a while ago of a review of Metal Gear Solid 4 for the Playstation 3. This is the type of review I will hope to do for Soulcalibur IV when it comes out.

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