Sunday, 27 July 2008

TechBoxx @ London Film and Comic Convention

Now the Earls Court London Film and Comic Convention is the second one I have ever been to which is fantastic. By 11am we got into the convention where we went inside looking around the different parts like the The Fast and Furious Car, The Back To The Future Car and Little Talks going on. Everything that you could want from the convention like Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Anime, Japanese Anime, Only Fools & Horses, Comics, Videos, DVDs, Blu-Rays, HD-DVDs, Imported goods and lots more stuff.

So I waited in line to meet up with Jason Mewes which I was in the queue but didn't really care because he is the guys I always want to meet in the general. I admire his work as Jay aka Jay & Silent Bob with Kevin Smith. Now Jason mentioned to me about the next project he is working on with Kevin Smith directing and its called Zack and Miri Make A Porno and he told me that it is not a Jay & Silent Bob which to be honest Im glad it isnt because I felt we need a rest from Jay & Silent Bob even though Im a big fan of the merchandise.

I also met up with Peter Davison who was the 5th Doctor back in the original series of Doctor Who. Now he was such a nice person to meet and great. He was so approachable I said he was a brillant doctor which he didn't have the best stories but he was brillant in playing the role differently than the others.

OK onto my opinion of the event. I felt it was more of a let down looked like it was disorganised and seem the planned it in a rush even though they had 10 months. I think it should have not have been in Earls Court 2. It should have been in Earls Court 1 which they held the Doctor Who Convention which I'll go to in August hopefully. I love Doctor Who. I felt the people they had coming to the convention was the big saving point. They all the star trek people, sci-fi stars, Doctor Who and more. Overall I hope they do a lot better in the organisation skills of the event in general otherwise the 2009 one will be the last one I ever go to which will be a shame. The food and drink was expensive as well. I think conventions dont understand that a lot of people who come to their conventions are working class and only have enough money to just get basic things they need. So thats my review of the convention. May go back next year hopefully to give it another chance.

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